Workaway in Wow Tainan

4月 24, 2019

Takanashi used ANA airplane.

I went workawaying to Tainan at midnight in 3 rd December.
It is my first workaway and I helped Wow Tainan.
And I write about its experience.

It is front of Wow Tainan.

At first, I'll explain the basic flow of a day.
I stayed in its dormitory .
Basically I was monopolized the large room and it was comfortable.
Morning in Tainan was very early.
I woke up with the sunrise.
I prepared and went out to eat breakfast.
In Tainan, you can choose some places and various dishes
such as meat dishes and fish dishes and so on.

Movie how Takanashi draws

On my way to a restaurant and back to the guesthouse,
I enjoyed sightseeing around the Tainan.
There were new buildings, one the other side ,some traditional temples.
After I returned the guest house I drew my picture on its wall.
The picture is a combination of the original "Mathe Mandala"
and the tourist map around it.
The staff prepared some lunch for volunteers.
One days I ate with other volunteers and other day I ate alone.
When the sun went down and it got dark,
I stopped drawing and cleared up my tools for drawing.
One days I went to eat dinner and other day I didn't.

This cute girl lives in Tainan subway.

Sure, my working time is very long.
And I must tell you that other volunteers worked shorter than I did.
They worked a few hours per a day.
Why I worked so long ?
The answer is simple because I wanted to finish my work completely.
And I enjoyed .

What Takanashi draws

I have ever drawn pictures on paper.
However, it was the first time to draw on the wall
as well as to draw it in such a large space.
The picture remains permanently.
But the staff was enough kind to leave me to draw the picture on the wall.

It is a temple in Tainan.

One of them gave me some advice.
"It is your space and you can draw it freely.
Because I leave you it.
Sure, it is important how you draw it well and what you draw.
More important thing is your smile. So you should have fun drawing".
Its words made me very glad.

It is a roof of a temple.

So the first workaway ended with my satisfaction.
If I must seek some failed points in it , I have tried more actively talking
and getting along well with the volunteers and staffs.
I want to do it more in my next workaway.
* * *

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Thank to read at all.
By Shiori Takanashi.

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