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the power of fortune

12月 2, 2017

A few days ago,I watched the cinema "The Pursuit of Happyness".
It is very nice and I recommend.
I will write about "The power of fortune" on this article.

* * *

Do you know Matsushita Konosuke?
He is the president of a famous company.
He always asked the same question at the job interview.
"Are you lucky, are you bad?"
To that question

"Actually I'm not very lucky."
He never employ someone who answers so.
"Yes, I am very lucky."
He will adopt only person who wish to join.
The president Matsushita explains the reason for this.
"Whoever believes that himself is lucky has
a habit to thank their surroundings.
That is very important to grow up him."

* * *

It is next story.
Some psychologists investigated "good luck".
First of all,the team ask the examinee whether himself is lucky or not.
And next, he takes the newspaper for psychology test.
The test ask him that "Please search for the some word and count how many there are."
Researchers examined the correct answer rate of answers and the time to do it.
And we compared people who declared "I am lucky" with those who declared "unlucky".
Both results were better for the former than the latter.

* * *

Actually, there is the trick in this experiment.
"Correct answer" was written small in the delivered newspaper.
Many who self-imaged "I am lucky" have found this "correct answer" with lucky.
On the other hand, only few people found this "correct answer" among "unlucky" people.
In addition, psychologists also have written "I will give you some prizes if you find this sentence."
You may be able to predict the outcome.
Some of "good luck" found this sentence and told them.
On the other hand, "bad luck" person never found.
...... I do not know if the prize money was actually handed over or not.
Psychologists think of the results of this experiment like this.
Everybody is controlled by his or her own hobbies.
In addition their unconsciously mind control them.
I want to tell that it doesn't use power to check a habit thought is right but to just keep it.
And for it, it ignore uncomfortable evidence and seek comfortable one.
This theory adopted in this case too.
Once someone decides "I am lucky" (or "unlucky"),"lucky person" gets easy to find some information "by fortune".
It makes him stronger the thought that "I am lucky".
The reverse also applies.
Here is the conclusion derived from here.
If you think that "I am lucky", I will actually get better luck.
On the other hand, if you think that "my luck is bad" and actually put it out, luck will actually be worse.
You can decide which you choose yourself.

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