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Cost for working

12月 1, 2017

Do you know the song which sings that "Nobody lives forever" ?
I take my lead from it and write that "Nobody lives without eating."
It is true.
In many countries, you must work to eat and enjoy your life.
My conviction that you take it for granted that we don't live to work but we work to live.
On the contrary, there is the country whose nations live to work.
The labor laws in the country guarantee minimum salary.
It is $8.50 per hour in Tokyo.
And regular employee takes $1379 per a month.
It is right on theory.
Indeed some companies do not pay.
It means that theft from your wallet and it is crime but the laws let them go unchecked.
It is hard to tell why.

Not to change the subject, but as you know some Japanese become English.
For instance Sushi, Sumo,Tsunami and so on.
I tell that dishonor one.
It is Karoshi.
And its word means that death from overwork.
It is pity that the report of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare insists that 480 cases in 2015.
In last year Christmas the young lady had committed suicide who worked in the major corporation.
It is Karoshi case.
To make matters worth, the court decreed that the company should pay $4300 as the fine.
It is big money for an worker but the company could not care less>

I don't want to be killed but I know that the case of murder happens all over the world.
But I tell that there is a world of difference between they make the best happened it and they do not.
If you want to work in the country, you must protect your life from the company which you work.
It is very strange but it is pity that it is true.

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