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3C decides how much you work happily

11月 30, 2017

Man shall not live by bread alone.
But everyone needs eating for his live.
It means that almost people must work and its time is very long in a day.
Then it is important how much we work happily.
A certain great scholar investigated work.
And he reached the conclusion that there are mainly three purposes to work for them.
They are separated 3 groups and each name of one begins "C".
First "C" is "Cash".
Sure, money is very important.
But, he insists that person is not so happy while his working.
Second "C" is "Carrier".
I know that it is important.
One is it in a notable point>
It is that workers the member of two are not satisfied with them own job.
A worker of first group may earn enough money.
But if tomorrow he takes opportunity to change a job more money, he will change it.
Last "C" workers are different.
Its "C" means "Calling".
No matter what your work, it is possible to believe that it is your calling.

Some years ago, I watched TV comedy and Emiko Kaminuma showed.
She is comedienne.
In the program, she insisted that she is very rich.
We do not trust her opinion.
But if it is right, why she works ?
One day she answered its question.
She did not work for money because she is very rich.
She told that it is public works project>,br>
Watching her beautiful face made people happy.

And I write another story.
A traveler was working.
He met a craftsman and he cut rock.
He asked him.
"What do you do?"
"I slice the rock. It is very hard work."
A few minutes later he met another labor.
He worked like first one.
The traveler asked same question.
"What do you do?"
"I am building a church."
He walked again and fond the third craftsman who worked with glad.
He asked third time.
"What do you do?"
"I am building a new church.
After having been completed it, many visitors will pray and get peace them mind.
How great it is !"
I recommend you third "C" working.

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