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3 important rules to make a happy democratic country

11月 29, 2017

Much governments insist on their own country is a democracy nation.
For to insis, it is necessary for all nations who came of age to have the right to vote.
Surely, the people in the times of the Imperial rule had been fighting to have the right in the hand.
In democratic countries it is easy to take part in politics.
I learned that democratic system makes me happy and has believed so.
But please stop to think a few minutes.
Whether does it really make us happy, and will us keep happiness ?
I found and read the tweet written by the erotic comic artist in this morning.
He insists in it that there are 3 important rules to do and be going to do.

First Rule,we need the mechanism that able human resources gather in the politics.
We know that it is very measure mission that "the biggest happiness for the greatest multitude".
On the other hand, it is difficult that a politician takes its policy.
If none of the able people may be going to be concerned with politics, we are in trouble.

Second Rule, We need the second mechanism which educates a qualified voter to be able to see through able human resources.
Please image that two persons.
One is able, unselfish and honest and other one is selfish and has glib tongues.
If they will run for election, which do you want to vote ?
And which do you think will be elected ?

And third rule,we need the organization which we bring up that a politician becomes better.
Do not forget this rule too.
No matter how the person has talent now, nobody knows how he wll five years later.
And I don't want to be decided laws about internet by politician who knows nothing about it.

I write three important rules.
And if even one is missed,a democratic country can not win autocratic government which has the excellent president.
It is a difficult problem to take the long time to be settled.

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