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Do you know the secret of a flower ?

11月 27, 2017

Torahiko Tereda is very famous writer.
I read his essay and write about it.
One day he sat and watched the flower.
Then the horsefly came to sip its honey and entered in it.
The style of roof of the flower is a tube.
The bug entered inside it.
After it was satisfied with sipping something sweet and finished it.
It tried to get out.
But its pipe was so narrow that it could not turn.
After all, it sneaked away with moving back slowly.
On the route of its moving, its stamen waited the visitor and stack fast pollens to its hip.
When it moved back more, its pistil handed down over and stood in its way.
But it was enough elastic to be curved by the customer's moving.
And when it curved, its moving stack fast pollens to the queen of flower.
The horse fly flied away without noting it had helped pollination.
For the bug, it was just eating and it was very selfish action.
But, for the flower, it was unselfish one.
In natural world,often one selfish action makes unselfish effect.
And it was made very well.
It is very interesting.

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