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Who is Shiori Takanashi ? (1st story)

12月 15, 2017

Shiori Takanashi was born in Japan.
By the time he was old enough to understand things,his father moved to Bangladesh with his family due to the work of him.
At that time, few Japanese living abroad than now.
There would have been less Japanese living in Bangladesh.
In addition,it is very rare that person goes to the country is known as one of poorest countries for reasons other than saving poverty.
He has done a lot of experience of great impact.
There may have been something that could not be experienced in Japan.
But he does not remember most of it because it is everyday occurrences for him.
He returned home country and spent his normal primary school life and middle school life regularly.
Because the personality was strong, classmates disliked and liked him, it was extreme treatments.
His mathematics grade was excellent only for the first semester in his high school.
After its time, it got down and down.
When he entered the college, he remembered the poverty problem in Bangladesh.
In Japan it is unusual to change his or her course, but he dropped out and re - enroll at a nursing school.
But he was made drop its course.
In this time his father worked abroad and it gave opportunity to travel Taiwan and Vietnam
Worthy of special mention is his visiting Nepal.
He was deeply moved to forget the breathing against the Hindu temple.
As this experience was unconsciously engraved, he took the first step towards the artist.

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