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Who is Shiori Takanashi ? (3rd story)

12月 13, 2017

Suddenly the happy days ware over.
They decided that the branch would move Kyusyu from Tokyo.
In this time, not only me all staffs ware fired.
The boss of it interview him and introduce the new one.
He did not know that it would be prelude to hell.
In beginning, it was good.
But human relationship with him and staffs become gradually worse.
In final week he talked nothing them except greeting.
Nobody cursed him out but he was like sitting on a bed of nails.
It was so hard that he thanked to be fired.
He lost job instead of got depression.
The hospital which he saw was same building which he has learned nursing.
He saw next doctor but his medicine was so strong that he lied all over the day.
Finally he wondered that it was hard for him to work.
When he was working at the company,he probably got the least wage.,br>
Another time he worked in another one, he became depressed.
He was afraid that things always happen in threes.
It might be effective of Mental illness, he was hopeless to be hired.
In worst days if he would work a company, he die.
He told his families so that but nobody understood.
He thought that they ware interested in whether he would die or live.
It was shocked.

* * *

One day he read "Rich dad, Poor dad".
It insisted that as follows.
There are 4 ways to earn money and the number of employees is the largest among them.
And its way is the earliest to take money but the hardest to be rich.
Another day he read another one.
It insisted that you must choose occupation what you want really.
If you want to become rich.
These two advice saved him.
He decided he should choose job what he really wanted.
Unfortunately he still did not take the road to the artists.
First he tried a designer of card games and puzzle.
What do you think happen ?
In short nothing happened.

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