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Who is Shiori Takanashi ? (2nd story)

12月 14, 2017

Thus Shiori Takashi received very tremendous impact on the Hindu temple in Nepal.
Unfortunately he did not notice that he would become a professional artist.
Because there was no such profession around him.
Sure, he knew what has made happened its shock on him.
Due to the artistic appeal of Hinduism ,even religious or historical elements.
Beginning with he started to work out of place at all.
After its experience, he visited Ind to draw Hinduism temple.

To be frank with you, his job was very bad.
The times which he was fired was very many.
One day he began to work night and daytime.
Its occupation is not bad.
But every employee takes wage less than other one.
Especially his was the least in the company.
He couldn't stop telling himself that his was the least in the country.
And he thought that he bound by the job's contract.
Finally he succeeded to escape from its company.
Before long he started to work in another one.
It looked like heaven and made many friends.
Worthy of special mention ware that he remember that he had been to Nepal.
And it made him to visit Nikko to draw very complex gate.

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