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11月 26, 2017

Good morning.
My name is Shiori Takanashi.

I introduce myself.

I was in Japan and lived in Bangladesh in child ages with family.

They tell me that I had lost suddenly.

I was very lucky because I got back without any accident in the environment where there are not any  Japanese speakers.

I have thought that I had got nothing special.
But I look back this time with writing this article, I might get something which I can't take in Japan.

In my teenager, I like reading books and visiting art museums often alone.

My father had gone to Nepal and I visited too.

Hinduism temples of Nepal are so beautiful that  I can't keep breathing in an excessive impression.
Though I enter the nursing school but I failed in a year.
After having left the nursing school, I went to a backpack trip to India to sketch  Hinduism temples.
In this time, I did not know which I like drawing or Hinduism temples.
Before the travel, I worked but failed to continue less than one year.
After the vocation, I began to work the company but I did not take any overtime pay.
Parents made "advice"  me to continue working and I did reluctantly.
After having left the company after making a firm resolution, I begin to work the new one.
This working circumstances is better like heaven than any other companies
Two years (!) I continued working, but the company moved south and we must be fired.
I become depressed in power harassment by work of the dispatch that I had later immediately
I thought about mind and body while suffering together.
"Am I less than an average person ? And can I work like other normal person ?"
On the other hand, I read the comic.
And in that comic tells how any character is strong with the radar chart .
I see it and thought that I am not "a type to be able to get the average all right even if I do anything.
But I am type of specialized in only in a certain one point".
And I image that "I have a trump".
I did not know what kind of trump it was to be concrete either.<br>
One day I read the book  how to get rich.
It insisted that if you want to become rich , you must work what you like.
I know that I am not good worker and  I choose way to be rich , it must make me earn to live.
Gradually I begin to wonder I like drawing and I begin to draw.
I watch the cinema "Herb & Dorothy ".
It is the documentary cinema about very famous art collectors.
I got to know it is difficult to know what art has value.
And  another day, I read the book and get to know o
utsider artists.
They did not study about any  art nor want to get praise but they just create.
At least they judge their arts.
Two topics thought me that I may trust that my drawings have value and I continue drawing.
A few years after I asked the president.
She made advice me to begin Instagram and I did.
And I begin to sell goods with my drawing.
And now.


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