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I have a friend the experts in SNS and Internet information transmission.
I consulted her how to get a good view of this site.
Then she advised me to make a big change.
I followed it and evolved a cat.
And something good will happen overnight.
I feel happy.

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Thanks for your reading to the end.
From Shiori Takanashi

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Who is Shiori Takanashi ? (1st story)


Shiori Takanashi was born in Japan.
By the time he was old enough to understand things,his father moved to Bangladesh with his family due to the work of him.
At that time, few Japanese living abroad than now.
There would have been less Japanese living in Bangladesh.
In addition,it is very rare that person goes to the country is known as one of poorest countries for reasons other than saving poverty.
He has done a lot of experience of great impact.
There may have been something that could not be experienced in Japan.
But he does not remember most of it because it is everyday occurrences for him.
He returned home country and spent his normal primary school life and middle school life regularly.
Because the personality was strong, classmates disliked and liked him, it was extreme treatments.
His mathematics grade was excellent only for the first semester in his high school.
After its time, it got down and down.
When he entered the college, he remembered the poverty problem in Bangladesh.
In Japan it is unusual to change his or her course, but he dropped out and re – enroll at a nursing school.
But he was made drop its course.
In this time his father worked abroad and it gave opportunity to travel Taiwan and Vietnam
Worthy of special mention is his visiting Nepal.
He was deeply moved to forget the breathing against the Hindu temple.
As this experience was unconsciously engraved, he took the first step towards the artist.

Who is Shiori Takanashi ? (2nd story)


Thus Shiori Takashi received very tremendous impact on the Hindu temple in Nepal.
Unfortunately he did not notice that he would become a professional artist.
Because there was no such profession around him.
Sure, he knew what has made happened its shock on him.
Due to the artistic appeal of Hinduism ,even religious or historical elements.
Beginning with he started to work out of place at all.
After its experience, he visited Ind to draw Hinduism temple.

To be frank with you, his job was very bad.
The times which he was fired was very many.
One day he began to work night and daytime.
Its occupation is not bad.
But every employee takes wage less than other one.
Especially his was the least in the company.
He couldn’t stop telling himself that his was the least in the country.
And he thought that he bound by the job’s contract.
Finally he succeeded to escape from its company.
Before long he started to work in another one.
It looked like heaven and made many friends.
Worthy of special mention ware that he remember that he had been to Nepal.
And it made him to visit Nikko to draw very complex gate.

Who is Shiori Takanashi ? (3rd story)


Suddenly the happy days ware over.
They decided that the branch would move Kyusyu from Tokyo.
In this time, not only me all staffs ware fired.
The boss of it interview him and introduce the new one.
He did not know that it would be prelude to hell.
In beginning, it was good.
But human relationship with him and staffs become gradually worse.
In final week he talked nothing them except greeting.
Nobody cursed him out but he was like sitting on a bed of nails.
It was so hard that he thanked to be fired.
He lost job instead of got depression.
The hospital which he saw was same building which he has learned nursing.
He saw next doctor but his medicine was so strong that he lied all over the day.
Finally he wondered that it was hard for him to work.
When he was working at the company,he probably got the least wage.,br>
Another time he worked in another one, he became depressed.
He was afraid that things always happen in threes.
It might be effective of Mental illness, he was hopeless to be hired.
In worst days if he would work a company, he die.
He told his families so that but nobody understood.
He thought that they ware interested in whether he would die or live.
It was shocked.

* * *

One day he read “Rich dad, Poor dad”.
It insisted that as follows.
There are 4 ways to earn money and the number of employees is the largest among them.
And its way is the earliest to take money but the hardest to be rich.
Another day he read another one.
It insisted that you must choose occupation what you want really.
If you want to become rich.
These two advice saved him.
He decided he should choose job what he really wanted.
Unfortunately he still did not take the road to the artists.
First he tried a designer of card games and puzzle.
What do you think happen ?
In short nothing happened.

You are welcome, my blog


Good morning.
My name is Shiori Takanashi.

I introduce myself.

I was in Japan and lived in Bangladesh in child ages with family.

They tell me that I had lost suddenly.

I was very lucky because I got back without any accident in the environment where there are not any  Japanese speakers.

I have thought that I had got nothing special.
But I look back this time with writing this article, I might get something which I can’t take in Japan.

In my teenager, I like reading books and visiting art museums often alone.

My father had gone to Nepal and I visited too.

Hinduism temples of Nepal are so beautiful that  I can’t keep breathing in an excessive impression.
Though I enter the nursing school but I failed in a year.
After having left the nursing school, I went to a backpack trip to India to sketch  Hinduism temples.
In this time, I did not know which I like drawing or Hinduism temples.
Before the travel, I worked but failed to continue less than one year.
After the vocation, I began to work the company but I did not take any overtime pay.
Parents made advice  me to continue working and I did reluctantly.
After having left the company after making a firm resolution, I begin to work the new one.
This working circumstances is better like heaven than any other companies
Two years (!) I continued working, but the company moved south and we must be fired.
I become depressed in power harassment by work of the dispatch that I had later immediately
I thought about mind and body while suffering together.
“Am I less than an average person ? And can I work like other normal person ?”
On the other hand, I read the comic.
And in that comic tells how any character is strong with the radar chart .
I see it and thought that I am not “a type to be able to get the average all right even if I do anything.
But I am type of specialized in only in a certain one point”.
And I image that I have a trump”.
I did not know what kind of trump it was to be concrete either.<br>
One day I read the book  how to get rich.
It insisted that if you want to become rich , you must work what you like.
I know that I am not good worker and  I choose way to be rich , it must make me earn to live.
Gradually I begin to wonder I like drawing and I begin to draw.
I watch the cinema “Herb & Dorothy “.
It is the documentary cinema about very famous art collectors.
I got to know it is difficult to know what art has value.
And  another day, I read the book and get to know o
utsider artists.
They did not study about any  art nor want to get praise but they just create.
At least they judge their arts.
Two topics thought me that I may trust that my drawings have value and I continue drawing.
A few years after I asked the president.
She made advice me to begin Instagram and I did.
And I begin to sell goods with my drawing.
And now.