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3C decides how much you work happily


Man shall not live by bread alone.
But everyone needs eating for his live.
It means that almost people must work and its time is very long in a day.
Then it is important how much we work happily.
A certain great scholar investigated work.
And he reached the conclusion that there are mainly three purposes to work for them.
They are separated 3 groups and each name of one begins “C”.
First “C” is “Cash”.
Sure, money is very important.
But, he insists that person is not so happy while his working.
Second “C” is “Carrier”.
I know that it is important.
One is it in a notable point>
It is that workers the member of two are not satisfied with them own job.
A worker of first group may earn enough money.
But if tomorrow he takes opportunity to change a job more money, he will change it.
Last “C” workers are different.
Its “C” means “Calling”.
No matter what your work, it is possible to believe that it is your calling.

Some years ago, I watched TV comedy and Emiko Kaminuma showed.
She is comedienne.
In the program, she insisted that she is very rich.
We do not trust her opinion.
But if it is right, why she works ?
One day she answered its question.
She did not work for money because she is very rich.
She told that it is public works project>,br>
Watching her beautiful face made people happy.

And I write another story.
A traveler was working.
He met a craftsman and he cut rock.
He asked him.
“What do you do?”
“I slice the rock. It is very hard work.”
A few minutes later he met another labor.
He worked like first one.
The traveler asked same question.
“What do you do?”
“I am building a church.”
He walked again and fond the third craftsman who worked with glad.
He asked third time.
“What do you do?”
“I am building a new church.
After having been completed it, many visitors will pray and get peace them mind.
How great it is !”
I recommend you third “C” working.

3 important rules to make a happy democratic country


Much governments insist on their own country is a democracy nation.
For to insis, it is necessary for all nations who came of age to have the right to vote.
Surely, the people in the times of the Imperial rule had been fighting to have the right in the hand.
In democratic countries it is easy to take part in politics.
I learned that democratic system makes me happy and has believed so.
But please stop to think a few minutes.
Whether does it really make us happy, and will us keep happiness ?
I found and read the tweet written by the erotic comic artist in this morning.
He insists in it that there are 3 important rules to do and be going to do.

First Rule,we need the mechanism that able human resources gather in the politics.
We know that it is very measure mission that “the biggest happiness for the greatest multitude”.
On the other hand, it is difficult that a politician takes its policy.
If none of the able people may be going to be concerned with politics, we are in trouble.

Second Rule, We need the second mechanism which educates a qualified voter to be able to see through able human resources.
Please image that two persons.
One is able, unselfish and honest and other one is selfish and has glib tongues.
If they will run for election, which do you want to vote ?
And which do you think will be elected ?

And third rule,we need the organization which we bring up that a politician becomes better.
Do not forget this rule too.
No matter how the person has talent now, nobody knows how he wll five years later.
And I don’t want to be decided laws about internet by politician who knows nothing about it.

I write three important rules.
And if even one is missed,a democratic country can not win autocratic government which has the excellent president.
It is a difficult problem to take the long time to be settled.

How are physics and the art different?


Many years ago, the physicist knew how beautiful a physical phenomenon is and wanted to show it.
His name was Weast.
For it,he decided to make a artist friend and succeed it.
His name was Smith.
But it was sad that they discussed intensely.
One morning, Weast found reason why they failed to get along well.
It was simple reason that they knew nothing about other friend’s job.
Then, Weast insisted that, we would teach each other about own occupation.
“It is good idea.” Smith agreed.
They decided that first turn Smith told Weath about drawing.
“Would you draw on a sheet till next weekend?”
“Sure, no problem.” Weast agreed.
But he was convinced that it would be very difficult in his mind.
Because he knew how poor his own drawing skill is.
For instance, when he had been a student , he had taken lessons of art.
He had drawn two lines with two circles and it had meant a tree of palm.
In next weekend he brought his work with thinking that he would be surprised.
Smith watched it and showed it his student.
“Please watch here, this line and this line is very short but not closed.It is great.”
He did not know that two line is not closed.
“And that line is different from a beginning in thickness in the last.
A same line of the thickness is dull.”
In his image, its line is same from head to tail.
One instance showed all, he praised everything never denied
This point is very different from teaching of physics.
In teaching of physics every teacher knew “true” and would tell the best way to solve every problem.
Why is it different ?
Before long he found reason.
For instance, there is an artist who draws like a beast.
Some famous artists may deny its way.
But it would be possible to be evaluated some years after.
He was very surprised its discovery.
After its lecture, Weast began to go to the member of society school to learn drawing.
In the next turn,the physicist told his own specialized field.
He showed hanging down the nail in a coil and applied an electric current.
Then the nail worked back and forth.
And Smith watched it and shouted 3 indecent court-lady’s suffix-additioned word.
In another time the physics teacher told “Microwave”, his student couldn’t stop speaking his microwave oven.
After all, it just happened new problem whether the physicist was a good student or the artist was a good teacher.
This story would be over before long, and I must add information.
Weast would begin to draw by himself about physics.
He would take Nobel prize of physics.
And I missed his name.
His right name is Richard Phillips Feynman.
Do you know him and how he enjoyed his own life ?

Do you know the secret of a flower ?


Torahiko Tereda is very famous writer.
I read his essay and write about it.
One day he sat and watched the flower.
Then the horsefly came to sip its honey and entered in it.
The style of roof of the flower is a tube.
The bug entered inside it.
After it was satisfied with sipping something sweet and finished it.
It tried to get out.
But its pipe was so narrow that it could not turn.
After all, it sneaked away with moving back slowly.
On the route of its moving, its stamen waited the visitor and stack fast pollens to its hip.
When it moved back more, its pistil handed down over and stood in its way.
But it was enough elastic to be curved by the customer’s moving.
And when it curved, its moving stack fast pollens to the queen of flower.
The horse fly flied away without noting it had helped pollination.
For the bug, it was just eating and it was very selfish action.
But, for the flower, it was unselfish one.
In natural world,often one selfish action makes unselfish effect.
And it was made very well.
It is very interesting.

You are welcome, my blog


Good morning.
My name is Shiori Takanashi.

I introduce myself.

I was in Japan and lived in Bangladesh in child ages with family.

They tell me that I had lost suddenly.

I was very lucky because I got back without any accident in the environment where there are not any  Japanese speakers.

I have thought that I had got nothing special.
But I look back this time with writing this article, I might get something which I can’t take in Japan.

In my teenager, I like reading books and visiting art museums often alone.

My father had gone to Nepal and I visited too.

Hinduism temples of Nepal are so beautiful that  I can’t keep breathing in an excessive impression.
Though I enter the nursing school but I failed in a year.
After having left the nursing school, I went to a backpack trip to India to sketch  Hinduism temples.
In this time, I did not know which I like drawing or Hinduism temples.
Before the travel, I worked but failed to continue less than one year.
After the vocation, I began to work the company but I did not take any overtime pay.
Parents made advice  me to continue working and I did reluctantly.
After having left the company after making a firm resolution, I begin to work the new one.
This working circumstances is better like heaven than any other companies
Two years (!) I continued working, but the company moved south and we must be fired.
I become depressed in power harassment by work of the dispatch that I had later immediately
I thought about mind and body while suffering together.
“Am I less than an average person ? And can I work like other normal person ?”
On the other hand, I read the comic.
And in that comic tells how any character is strong with the radar chart .
I see it and thought that I am not “a type to be able to get the average all right even if I do anything.
But I am type of specialized in only in a certain one point”.
And I image that I have a trump”.
I did not know what kind of trump it was to be concrete either.<br>
One day I read the book  how to get rich.
It insisted that if you want to become rich , you must work what you like.
I know that I am not good worker and  I choose way to be rich , it must make me earn to live.
Gradually I begin to wonder I like drawing and I begin to draw.
I watch the cinema “Herb & Dorothy “.
It is the documentary cinema about very famous art collectors.
I got to know it is difficult to know what art has value.
And  another day, I read the book and get to know o
utsider artists.
They did not study about any  art nor want to get praise but they just create.
At least they judge their arts.
Two topics thought me that I may trust that my drawings have value and I continue drawing.
A few years after I asked the president.
She made advice me to begin Instagram and I did.
And I begin to sell goods with my drawing.
And now.


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